Why Do Most Indian Politicians Wear White Clothes?

Attires or clothes! Do they talk about your personality? Or you use them as a safeguard to cover what actually your personality is? Sometimes your clothes are contrary to your outlook and by donning them, you successfully present a pretentious you. That’s why “white” is construed as the dress code of our leaders and politicians. “Government is corrupt” is half truth but the “government is meant only for corruption” is the complete truth. And somewhere, they try to hide this black image under their white clothes.


6. Voting over, electorate is dead for politicians

For Indians, white clothes are meant to be worn at funerals. Probably that’s why once elected, the politicians do behave like we are dead for them. They don’t consider the voters after voting and pay no heed to their needs and demands.

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk