Itching To Try Pokemon Go Game In India? Try This Jugaad!

Future is here pals!

People are wandering all around with their phones out, eyes glued to their screen chasing virtual monsters. And for those wondering what I’m talking about, let me tell you there is this Pokemon Go app craze sweeping the nation since its launch.

Pokemon Go game app lets users create digital avatars that roam around and catch Pokemon characters. What’s unique is that the avatars roam around in the real world, with the game using GPS, mapping technology and a phone’s camera to direct users to real-world locations where Pokemon characters can be “found,” with their drawings superimposed on a phone’s camera view upon discovery. Interesting, no?

The whole world is going crazy about this and this smartphone game is making headlines around the globe and reports suggest that grown-ups can actually be seen going random places catching Pokemons.

Everyone is so excited to live their childhood all over again, thanks to this smartphone game. Every Pokemon fan is now a trainer who can become a Pokemon master as well.

And Finally when I decided to Play this game ….. This happened!

Pokemon Go

Sadly, the game isn’t available in our country 🙁

For now, the game is officially available in a few countries only, including US, Australia and New Zealand. But if you are one of those Indians like me who are itching to try the game that everyone’s talking about, here’s a jugaad to get it.

For Android users, simply go this APK Mirror page, click on the Download button and, after seeing the warning message, tap on OK. Now wait for the file to download and click on install once it’s done.

After the installation process is over, a shortcut will be automatically added to your phone. Just open it and you are all set to go.