6 Questions Of Dads Only Hostellers Or PG Students Can Relate With!

Phone calls from your father…especially when you are away from home like staying in hostels or PGs in other cities, mean a lot. Such phone calls lead to a lot of emotions but we try to control ourselves. I would like to share how one of my friends takes it… She doesn’t talk to her parents on phone saying that she would burst into tears and she doesn’t want to give tension to her mother. So she prefers not to talk at all. We all can’t be that strong. We do talk to our fathers but we all must have tried to hide our emotions, our tears and our “miss you” feeling during these calls. Nonetheless, there are some favourite questions that all Dads have to ask from their hostellers kids:


6. How are you?

This is first question that is fixed for every time he calls you up! He knows your answer but still he will ask. You know why? Because he wants to listen it from you for assurance. And your answer will be ‘I’ good. Though you are not good. Though it’s not like home. But still you’ll lie because you don’t want to bother him.

Image Source: www.hollywoodreporter.com