The Most Corrupt Police Forces In This World!

The police force of any country is expected to protect the citizens of the nation. But there are some police forces in this world, which are famous for being corrupt till the grassroot level.

If you don’t believe us then take a look at the countries in our list:

1. Kenya

When the citizens of this country were asked to vote for and against our opinion, 92% agreed to what we assumed. They said that the police officers were corrupt and accepted bribe easily.

2. Burma

The level of corruption in these forces has become a matter of concern for all the citizens of this country. The police here is famous for extorting money.

3. Iraq

The corruption in this force is world famous. The members of the Iraqi police force are infamous for kidnapping and bribery. Protecting the citizens is not their priority at all..!!

4. Somalia

The police force of this country is underpaid and totally ineffective. They spend their days in extortion.

5. Afghanistan

The police force of this country is getting infamous by the day. They actually let the criminals escape so that they don’t have to arrest them.

6. Sudan

The level of corruption in this police force has touched the sky. The rate of crime and violence has broken all records.

7. Russia

Russia might be a super power, but their police force features on this list. The police officers are known to be brutal.