Mission Possible! World’s First Successful Penis Transplant

The news of a man getting a penis transplant has gone viral, and now it has been revealed how the procedure was actually done.

The 21-year-old patient, whose identity has been kept anonymous, had to have his penis amputated 3 years back following life threatening complications caused by a traditional circumcision.

Professor Andre van der Merwe at the University of Stellenbosch at Cape Town conducted the operation, where the doctors fashioned a penis from abdominal skin for the donor.

The operation lasted nine hours and was the first successful penis transplant in the world with long-term results, after one previous attempt failed.

Van der Merwe said their aim is for it to be fully functional at 2 years and Professor Frank Graewe, who assisted in the operation, added that the breakthrough has proved that the transplant was possible. It is believed that now nine more patients are to receive penis transplant.

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