Emotional People Can Avoid This Super Display Of How Heart Works!

Games of mind and heart! Being humans, we get so much involved in thinking, testing, judging and then trusting. You see the long process! I don’t know why we humans are so judgmental. Just saw something that really made me think so much about it. There are other creatures of God that trust the least trustworthy creature of God which is us “the humans”. So, we humans should also learn to use our hearts at some places before  arriving at a conclusion.

Here’s the full video: See how the mama dog is leading the veterinary team to her newly born babies so that they could be taken care of. This proves that mothers always have selfless love, you can see that she led the vet team to her newly born pups for miles with a broken limb. And they just don’t judge and believe you to be their well wisher. And a lot of good things are happening to the mama dog and her puppies due to their this nature only.

See this mama with a broken limb

When this innocent was being treated

She leads the vets to her pups

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Her little cute babies

A selfless mother feeding her children even in this condition…

And here’s the complete video where she won over many hearts in the game of mind and heart…

A new adventure…ended very well!On saturday Lianne a friend of mine found an injured and undernourished greyhound on Vera market. After giving her first treatments and stabilising her broken leg we took her back to where she was found because we saw she was producing milk so somewhere she had puppies (or somebody took them away as it so often happens over here). We chose to watch what she would do so we followed her for over 3km, ended up somewhere in the Campo in Vera, into a derelict house and there in that car, we made a big Discovery ! 10 little lives waiting for their mum…?———————-This video is exclusively managed by Mercury Press. To license or use in a commercial player please contact info@mercurypress.co.uk or call +44 (0)151 709 6707———————-

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Images and video source: https://www.scoopwhoop.com

So these creatures of god who can’t speak but through these gestures and expressions sometimes taught us that lesson that no body can ever teach us. Lets all cheer up to such good and positive things around us and start enjoying life in a positive manner. Three cheers to life!