Police team sent to locate missing trekker on Shrikhand Mahadev Trek

Shimla, July 17: To locate a trekker from Chandigarh who had gone missing on his way back from Shrikhand Mahadev in the Anni subdivision of the district on July 4, a police team along with a trekker dog has been sent today.
Anni DSP Baldev Thakur said a police team along with a trekker dog had been sent to locate the missing youth, who had ventured into the area along with his friends on July 1 but disappeared after reaching at the top on July 4.
According to the police, Abhishek Kharwanda and Virender Rawat, both from Chandigarh, and Rahul and Sachin, from Solan, had gone for trekking and reached Shrikhand Mahadev peak on July 3. When the boys returned, they informed the police that Abhishek had gone missing and could not be traced.
Source Tribune India