Himachal: Chief Minister’s comments on Tandi Ghat spark row

Shimla, July 13: The comments of Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh over Tandi Ghat in tribal district of Lahaul Spiti have sparked a debate on social media. During his visit in Lahaul recently he said some outsiders were claiming their rights on the ghat, which will not be tolerated. The Chief Minister also urged the people to unite on that issue as locals had sole right over it.

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However, the organizers of Chandra- Bhaga Sangam Parv Samiti have differed with the Chief Minister’s view, citing the case of the sacred Ganga in Hardwar, where people across nation can come and perform their ritual. Like Ganga, Tandi Sangam Ghat has also religious importance for Buddhist as well as Hindus in the region, who perform the last rites of deceased family member at this place according to their ritual.

A numbers of Lahaul residents have made comments on the social media like Facebook and Whatsapp against the view of the Chief Minister. They said it will be irrelevant to bar anyone from performing the ritual, whether they area native of the district or coming other parts of the nation.

Chandra-Bhaga Sangam Parv Samiti Coordinator Chander Mohan Parsheera said, “We want this place popular on the national stage. We want to develop this place for tourism purpose due to its religious importance and imposing restrictions may prove harmful for the purpose.” He said like Ganga, Tandi Ghat has its religious importance in the region and people should decide what they prefer.

It was in 2016 when mortal remains of VHP leader Ashok Singhal were immersed at Tandi Ghat. Thereafter, Tandi Sangam Parv was organized in the district in which BJP top brass also took part.The comments of the Chief Minister are probably targeted on BJP as well as VHP leaders, who had immersed the mortal remains of VHP leader at Tandi Ghat in the tribal district Lahaul Spiti.

Source Tribune India