CPM calls BJP vision document for SMC visionless

Shimla, June 14: The CPM’s Shimla Municipal Corporation election committee has termed the BJP’s vision document for Shimla city as visionless having no connect with reality on the ground. Commenting on the BJP vision document released to woo voters, CPM state secretariat member Tikender Panwar claimed that the issues raised by the BJP had already been addressed as schemes are either in the pipeline or nearing completion.

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BJP local MLA and its councillors paid no heed to the smart city plan prepared by the SMC. Panwar claimed that the BJP did not know that the SMC had integrated electricity and pumping. More than Rs 100 crore was being spent on augmentation of water schemes whereas the BJP was talking about preparing DPRs for these, he claimed.

The BJP talked about reviving ‘bawlis” but the SMC had executed this plant and five ‘bawlis’ are ready for public use. The water scheme from Kol Dam about which the party mentioned was in final stages.

The BJP ruled in 2007- 2012 when the first jaundice outbreak was reported in 2007. The city already has a mobility plan and the smart city plan passed by the local residents. He said the BJP must know that more than 10 crores had been spent on development of open spaces. More than 25 parks under the city development plan are in the process of being set up. The BJP has promised nothing new and has a vision that has no connection with the reality, Panwar claimed.

Source Tribune India