BJP vote share up by 5%, did better in Shimla (Urban)

Shimla, June 19: The BJP might have failed in securing a clear majority in the Shimla Municipal Corporation polls, but it increased its vote share from 37 per cent in 2012 to 42 per cent and its performance was impressive in the Shimla (Urban) Assembly constituency where it recorded victory in 11 out of 18 wards.Parts of Kasumpti and Shimla (Rural) urban constituencies with 12 and four wards, respectively, which were included in the SMC area made the difference.

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The BJP won five wards in Kasumpti and two in Shimla (Urban). Had these areas not included in the SMC, the BJP would have swept the polls.Out of the three assembly segments involved in the SMC polls, Shimla Urban and Kasumpti are being represented by Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh and Anirudh Singh (Congress).

The BJP won four out of 12 wards in Kasumpti, while one seat went to the BJP rebel, who is back in the partyfold and in the Shimla (Rural), the BJP won two out of four wards.In Shimla (Urban), the BJP not only won 11 out of 18 wards but also the total margin of defeat in other seven wards was less than 700 votes and insiders confided that the difference was made by Mohinder Dharmani, who was in-charge of 18 wards.

The reservation of 50 per cent seats for women candidates in the Panchayati Raj Institution and Urban Local Bodies to empower women also made a difference and resulted in dis-empowerment of men. Against 17 out of 34 (50 per cent) wards reserved for women, 20 women won the elections and three women candidates won from open wards and gender ratio of women and men in the house is 59:41 while the numerical strength is 20 and 14. While three wards are reserved for Scheduled Caste men, there is no reservation for men in 14 unreserved wards.

Source Tribune India