Rs17 Crores Sewerage Project in Pipeline: Butail

Palampur, July 12: Brij Behari Lal Butail, local MLA and Speaker of state Assembly, assured the residents that a sewerage project costing Rs 17 crores for the satellite areas of the town was in pipeline and likely to be cleared by the state government at the earliest.

Sewerage Project
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He said revised detailed project report had been prepared and most of the satellite areas of the town had been included in this project.

He said the project was likely to be approved the next month.

Butail, who was addressing media persons at the PWD rest house here this morning, said he was well versed with the problems being faced by the residents of one dozen panchayats where vast urbanization had taken place in the past five years.

Residents apprised Butail of the sewerage and garbage disposal problem which had become a major health hazard and needed immediate solution.

The residents of the satellite areas of the town stressed that they should be given all amenities at par with municipal councils or the municipal limits of the town should be extended by setting up a municipal corporation with the merger of one dozen panchayats adjoining Palampur.

In the absence of sewerage facility in panchayats areas most of the residents have thrown their sewer open in the Kirpal Chand Kuhal, Bhiral, Mol Khuds and other irrigation channels which are lifelines of one lakh residents living in lower areas of Palampur.

Today the satellite areas (one dozen panchayats) of Palampur are crying for immediate attention of the authorities as most of the roads and streets are in bad shape.Potholed roads, overflowing drains and contaminated drinking water are some of the problems plaguing the town.

Source : Tribune India