Five Interesting Facts About Vinod Mehta The Irreverent

The founder-Editor of ‘Outlook’ magazine breathed his last on Sunday at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) where he was admitted.

His cremation was attended by journalistic friends and political foes alike.

Here are a few interesting facts which he admitted in various interviews and his memoirs:

1. Vinod Mehta named his dog ‘Editor’



2. Mehta started his career as editor at Debonair, a magazine known for publishing photos of topless women.


3. Mehta was expelled from school for 6 months when a girl who asked him to lend her his eraser was in return asked to be his girlfriend.



4. Vinod Mehta was a staunch supporter of secularism, and possessed liberal views where he sort of considered Congress as the lesser evil.

vinod mehtacongress

5. He went on record to admit having a daughter outside his marriage.



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