Lot’s Been Said About Big B, Do You Know How These Actors Struggled Too?

We all love watching movies, don’t we? But have we ever thought about the life of Bollywood actors being filled with numerous struggles. Gone are the days when becoming an actor was a cake walk. Either you have to be a star kid to get that fame or be prepared to struggle in the world of dreams, Bombay. Life has two different aspects when it comes to films, the on-screen story and the off-screen. What actors perform is what we see, but what we fail to look at is their off-screen life. So thought of sharing some inspiring stories filled with struggles of Bollywood actors who created a benchmark. We love them and there’s a lot to learn from them.


10. Johnny Walker

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We all remember the veteran actor for his drunken roles in prominent films. Born with the name Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi, who as a sole breadwinner for his family, did various jobs including a conductor’s job in Bombay. He often used to mimic on job and made people laugh throughout their journey. Eventually he became famous and started getting small roles in films. It was the famous director Guru Dutt who gave him the name Johnny Walker (the famous Scotch brand), after seeing his roles focusing much on being a drunkard.

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