Shruti Haasan Is Your Voice If You Were Ever Given A Tag Of BITCH!

Next time before you call her a bitch, get to know who Shruti Haasan really is. Giving names, tags, insults, roasts are the in things in the society. The girl you called a bitch is somebody who is just not beyond your control but your limits. A person who is way bigger than your small box you want to fit her into.

Respect is not to be given to a gender, but certainly the person inside the body. Then no matter if the body owns a d**k or b**bs or both. Shruti Haasan wrote a hard hitting message to all those who call her &/Or any women for that matter a BITCH. This message would hit below the belt and real hard. And others would definitely spread it, for now they own this tag of being a BITCH.