Adolf Hitler Did Not Commit Suicide In His Bunker During Berlin Siege!

In a gripping series titled “Hunting Hitler” aired recently on History Channel, you got to see a comprehensive investigation done by twenty-one year CIA veteran Bob Baer and war crimes investigator Dr John Cencich into what happened to Adolf Hitler at the end of World War II.


6. What declassified files say. Hit NEXT to read more

With the help of 700 page recently declassified FBI files, they follow up on leads to trace Hitler’s whereabouts and give evidences that Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide in his Bunker in Berlin but in fact escaped from it using the impressive underground tunnels built under the city. Here are a few facts which support their findings:

Source: History Channel
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  1. He died in Berlin. Hitler’s dentist was captured after the war by the Americans. Two of his dental techs were captured by the Russians. Each independently reconstructed the details of Hitler’s dental work from memory. Their reconstructions meshed completely, and they fit with the details of the dental work on the jaw fragments attributed to Hitler AND to the skull X-rays taken of him by his doctor after the July 20 bomb attempt. Bottom line, there is solid forensic proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Hitler died in Berlin. For a detailed account of the forensic exam go to